About Nursing Home Solutions


Our Experience

Nursing Home Solutions is the preeminent leader in the arena of Long-Term Nursing Home Care Benefits and Asset Protection. NHS has more than 30 years experience helping middle class families like yours, obtain excellent long-term nursing home care paid through government benefits (Medi-Cal) while preserving and protecting family assets. We help families solve their long-term care dilemmas quickly, legally, and with a minimum of stress.


Our staff is highly trained and experienced at handling all matters related to Medi-Cal paid Nursing Home Benefits. From preparing and filing the Medi-Cal Application to successfully navigating the maze of Government rules and regulations.



Nursing Home Solutions Trusted Providers

NHS works with many caring professionals in the field of Elder Care. Given the complexity of the work that we at NHS do, we often find ourselves relying on the added support and expertise of other professionals. Over the years, these relationships have proved invaluable and we are pleased to list these trusted providers for your use and consideration.

These trusted providers include a wide variety of expertise from Long Term Nursing Home Care paid by Medi-Cal and provided to families facing a catastrophic illnesses to a wide variety of topics that continue to plagues our elders.  First and foremost is the issue of health care. Again, the professionals we work with deal with both the physical as well as the psychological issues that often plague our families. Getting the right help is critical.  Getting it quickly and with ease is invaluable.