Here are just a few of the people we have helped qualify for Medi-Cal assistance. Their powerful stories can give you insights into how Nursing Home Solutions can help your family.


Yelp Reviews

Here are some of our clients' comments from Yelp.

Brian B. - Dad in Nursing Home

Palmdale, CA

NHS did a great job in helping to keep my dad's money. He's been in a nursing home for some months now, and they did everything I had hoped. I tend to be a little hyper with things like that and they did a great job putting up with me.  Kym is great, and they're very helpful whenever I have a question.

Thanks for everything.

Jamie W. - Mother with Broken Hip

Temple City, CA

The folks at NHS were tremendous at getting my mom financial nursing home help in the form of medi cal. My mother broke her hip at home, went into a hospital for surgery, then rehab then a nursing home. 

Judi N. - Mom with Alzheimer's

La Quinta, CA

If you are a Baby Boomer, part of the Sandwich Generation (children/grandchildren and elderly parents to care for), or someone who is overwhelmed emotionally, financially, and physically as the main care-giver for a family member - Contact NHS Founder, Attorney Zoran Basich, immediately.

Zoran and his amazing staff saved my aging, ailing parent's home and their personal assets.  Their knowledge of the law, dedication, honesty, and hands-on guidance rescued us from financial disaster.  NHS charted the course to insure quality care for "two of the most important people in my life".

Last year, my Dad passed away after several debilitating strokes; but I have great peace in knowing loving professionals cared for him during his last 2 years of life.  This gave me the opportunity to enjoy the time we had together.  

My 93-year old Mom has had Alzheimer's/Dementia for 10 years.  Last year, it was necessary to place her in a facility.  Fortunately, the facility that cared for my Dad, met my requirements for her particular needs.  Not only did NHS manage the incredible amount of paperwork, telephone calls, and facilitate endless requirements by state and federal departments, they sustained me emotionally with their compassion and encouragement.  Since my Mom is cared for so well and happy in her little world, I am able to have quality time with her.

I am writing this review with a hope in my heart it will reach someone who is anxious, exhausted, confused, and does not know where to turn.

God bless all of you out there for the care you give.

Dean A.

Laguna Beach, CA

Heard their radio ad for quite a long time.

When it became necessary to contact them I found everyone to be friendly and efficient.
Bottom line : Everything they promised came through. I hope they add my number and contact info to their list of satisfied customers.